Apr 2, 2012

Putting Entei aside for now

Just what the title of this post says. I’m putting my Entei quadsuit aside for a while. I’ve realized I might not get it done for Anime Iowa this summer, as it is incredibly time consuming. I think I will work on it a little bit every now and then, and still post updates on it, but I’m also really wanting to finish some cosplays I have started and never finished.

So you’re probably thinking, “What’s Kiki going to be working on?”

Not quadsuits…… Not fursuits…… Just normal cosplays!

“What cosplays?”

Well, my very first one that I started working on was Summoner Yuna, because all through Jr High and High School I wanted to cosplay her.

So far all I have done is the earring (I might improve some of the beads), the obi beads (I need to improve the hibiscus flower the beads hang from), I have a black bikini top I can use as her “bra” under the white fabric. What I need to do yet is make the skirt, white top, yellow obi, and sleeves.

Also, I have her staff almost complete, I need to add one more feature to it.

So that’s that! That’s what I’ll be working on now! And like I said, I will work on Entei once in a while so that it doesnt seem so overwhelming. I will continue to post updates!

Jan 12, 2012

Entei Quadsuit – foam padding 1

I finally got a start on the costume! I ended up making my duct tape dummy into 2 parts, because I really wanted to get a start on the costume but I had to work the night that I started the DTD. So right now I just have half of my dummy, the legs, lol! Still need to get the torso dummy made.

Since I just have the legs dummy, I can start on the foaming, yay! In my previous post, I included a photo of the diagram. I have the same photo submitted on my Deviant Art, and one user did some shape editing over top mine. Their edit is what I used as reference when I started the foaming.

The foaming on each leg is actually one piece each, connected by elastic which holds the foam in place and securely to my leg. These type of legs are called Digitigrade legs: a big curved foam piece on the front thighs, and a smaller curved piece on the back of leg (from knee to ankle).

Jan 6, 2012

Entei Quadsuit – further planning

I still havent gotten anyone to duct tape me yet, so I still have to make my duct tape dummy before I start on my next project. However, I can still do more planning.

I put my original concept sketch into Photoshop and color coded each part of the costume, and even some of the inside details as well. The front legs will be made of big pvc pipe and jointed. Foam padding will give shape and dimension to the character as a whole.

I am also going to attempt to add a ventilation system. Ive read online that people like having vents inside the ears where the fan can blow the hot air out through the ears. Some people like the vent to be inside the mouth or nose. I want to try something different. Since Entei has volcanic smoke cascading over it’s back and blowing in the air, I want to see if a vent can work in the back of the neck, without being too noticeable. Maybe that way the fan can blow the air into the “smoke” and give it a realistic floatingĀ  effect. Or, and I literally JUST thought of this as I was typing, maybe a dry ice fogger? But that could get messy. We’ll just have to see how things turn out.

The lights! I would love it if I can get the eyes to light up white, and Entei’s “Fire Attack” purple lights in the mouth. Some friends I talked to said LED lights would be the best way to go. So maybe I can ask my brother to help me with finding supplies to make this.

Jan 1, 2012

Pokemon Entei – Quadsuit

In 2011, I discovered the awesomeness that is BeastCub via YouTube and her amazing costumes inspired me to try fursuiting/quadsuits myself. So for Halloween I made a white wolf quadsuit, and it didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped. The good thing is that I can learn from what I have already done, and try new techniques.

So my next quadsuit project will be the Legendary Pokemon Entei! It’s sort of a random choice for me, because it’s really not a top favorite Pokemon, but I thought it would be pretty cool. Life-size Entei, lol!

Right now, Entei is in planning mode. I think for this one, I will try using a duct-tape dummy for a model, and for the head I’ll try using a bike helmet for a base. I also really want to try installingĀ  a ventilation system, and light up eyes and purple fire attack lighting.


If you haven’t seen BeastCub’s creations, I’d highly recommend it if you’re into fursuiting. Here is a link to her YouTube Channel!


Also, here is a sketch I made of Entei Quadsuit plan.



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